As companies realize the increased flexibility a contractor workforce provides, they are less eager to commit to more full-time hires and larger overhead costs. In addition, organizations are opting to work with consulting solutions and staffing firms to access the specialized (“niche”) talent needed to get the job done right.

With consulting positions on the rise, it’s worth considering these more flexible positions. Consulting is a good choice for you if you have the right mindset.

Through our thirty-plus combined years of recruiting for consulting and contract positions, we’ve come to recognize the common attributes of successful consultants. If you relate to five or more of these traits—and possess a similar mindset—a career in consulting might be right for you.

  • Competitive — “I want to be the best”
  • Self-motivated — “I have a thirst for knowledge”
  • Analytical — “What’s the root cause?”
  • Resilient— “We can bounce back from anything”
  • Creative — “I think, therefore I am”
  • Self-directed –“I’ll handle it, don’t worry”
  • Flexible — “Don’t box me in!”
  • Brave— “I’m not afraid to tell you what I think”
  • Diplomatic — “I will do what’s best for you”
  • Good Listeners — “I want to understand your problem”
  • Problem-Solvers — ”I won’t stop until I find a solution”
  • Team Players — “Let’s get ‘er done!”